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This work depicts a plan of something - a human, a fly, a drawing, a life form - seen through a geometric lens or compound eye. It is a blueprint for the creation of something still in formation. It compares fly and human anatomies, contrasting in terms of lifespan and scale, but similar in terms of genomics, which emerge from a lattice or crystalline structure.

The Beginning of Shape Paul Hazelton Painting
The Beginning of Shape Paul Hazelton Painting
About Paul Hazelton

Paul Hazelton’s fascination with dust originated from a deprivation from these often unappreciated forms of matter. Brought up in a pristine home, the British visual artist was only allowed to draw with a pencil in the sterile setting of a covered table, where even the dust of his graphite pencil were swiftly rubbed and cleaned away. These forbidden particles would later preoccupy his practice.

Graphite Geometry

Through the medium of graphite, Hazelton creates complicated structures, like mind maps, with messages and ideas being transmitted along their pathways. The subjects of his drawings, although recognisable, become geometric webs of threadlike lines.

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