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During a walk along the South Bank in London I was intrigued to come across this towering building with a broken, taped up window, high above street level.

South Bank (Noon) Roger Aslin Painting Acrylic
South Bank (Noon) Roger Aslin Painting Acrylic
About Roger Aslin

Roger Aslin is a British painter and photographer, living near London, who focuses on urban life with a figurative approach. Initially working in the music industry at a major record label, Aslin consistently produced visual work including sculpture and photography. The use of different media helped establish his current, figurative style which has often been observed as having a filmic quality.

City Inspiration

Views from the city have compelled Aslin to paint, and have now become the core of his work. He perceives his work as one of a modern day “Flaneur” (observer of city life). His practice explores two key subjects: the figure and the urban environment, which contains elements inspired from his long interest in film and television.

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