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The "Vinland Visions" were created using photo footage collected all over Newfoundland, the youngest and easternmost province of Canada. The individual pieces share a multi-layered fabric mirroring the oral history of the Vinland sagas - medieval Icelandic tales of the legendary land discovered by the Norsemen aroudn the year 1000 on the Western shores of the North Atlantic - and the multitude of their interpretations. The blending and blurring of…Learn more +

Vinland Stub Rona Rangsch Photography Digital on Paper
Vinland Stub Rona Rangsch Photography Digital on Paper
About Rona Rangsch

German artist Rona Rangsch, born in 1969, first studied mathematics and physics in Saarbrücken and Cologne (1989 - 1996), then later attended the Academy of Arts in Düsseldorf (1999) and the ca.medien.colleg Essen (2000-2001). Currently, she is expanding her studies through an interdisciplinary doctoral program at the University of Newfoundland (having started in 2018). Today she lives and works in her adopted home of St. John's in Newfoundland as well as in Dortmund.

Interplay of physics and art

In her artistic work, Rona Rangsch unites the seemingly opposite disciplines of her studies. She uses different types of media, such as video, installation, graphics or photography. Rangsch addresses geographical, socio-cultural or historical issues, most recently having focused on the Europe-North America axis. Her approach is reminiscent of scientific methods and reveals previously invisible issues.

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