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Much of my work follows a variety of subject motifs within the landscape. Many of the themes I use in my drawings and paintings are constantly revisited, reworked and developed. Compositions such as Archway, Estuary, Dark Woods, and Luna are subjects I have come back to many times.

Dark Woods 11 Russell Gilder Painting Oil on Wood
Dark Woods 11 Russell Gilder Painting Oil on Wood
About Russell Gilder

Russell Gilder is a British artist. He studied Fine Art at Birmingham University and has been a professional artist for twenty years. Gilder works with painting, drawing and printmaking, with the wild woodland landscapes of England and Wales providing the inspiration.

Half-Light Spaces

Gilder’s work explores that liminal territory between consciousness and ephemerality.  Although his landscapes are in part incarnations of his imagination, they are often rooted in reality. Mortimer Forest in South Shropshire is the inspiration for many of his pieces. The area is a site of historical significance and literary inspiration due to the many battles and conflicts that have taken place there.  

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