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After an unexpected meeting in 2012 and with the help of a friend, I was able to gain trust of a very close group of the west-coast American gang. The main challenge of this project was to get into this “ethnocentric” violent environment, to be accepted and to emerge out of it safe! During 2 years and going from meetings to other ones, I was able to follow some members of this gang in the cities of LA and in Florida. In this book, I focused mainly…Learn more +

Gangsta Dating Story #1 Souhayl A Photography
Gangsta Dating Story #1 Souhayl A Photography
About Souhayl A

Souhayl A is a young self-taught Franco-Moroccan photographer with a semi artistic / semi documentary approach.  He made his debut as a street photographer where he captured situations on the streets that were both absurd and sentimental with his iPhone.

The embodiment of audacity

Souhayl A’s work mainly concerns the relationships between men and women in very closed circles such as those of the extreme right-wing groups in Russia or American gangs.  Immersing himself in these environments, the photographer firstly has to find a way to infiltrate these groups, the main difficulty being how to become accepted and how to leave without having suffered any harm.  The results are as impressive as the environments are forbidding

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