Gangsta Dating Stroy #22

Souhayl A, France

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Gangsta Dating Stroy #22 | Photography

About Souhayl A

"For me, the act of taking a photograph is to bear eternal witness, forever engraved in time, a « language » whose semantics are « aesthetic and conceptual » and whose syntax is the personal relationship with the subject being photographed."

Souhayl A is a young self-taught Franco-Moroccan photographer with a semi artistic / semi documentary approach.  He made his debut as a street photographer where he captured situations on the streets that were both absurd and sentimental with his iPhone.

The embodiment of audacity

Souhayl A’s work mainly concerns the relationships between men and women in very closed circles such as those of the extreme right-wing groups in Russia or American gangs.  Immersing himself in these environments, the photographer firstly has to find a way to infiltrate these groups, the main difficulty being how to become accepted and how to leave without having suffered any harm.  The results are as impressive as the environments are forbidding

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