This artwork is called Sam. It's out of a series of four artworks with the topic "wild". I wanted to show the wild side in us - when we get angry, upset, starting a fight or have the sensual wilderness. Some of my artist friends had agreed to model for me. Sam is one of them. The painting was mostly painted with palett knife with oil on canvas. 120x80 cm, 2017

Sam Sussi Hodel Painting Oil on Canvas
Sam Sussi Hodel Painting Oil on Canvas
About Sussi Hodel

Sussi Hodel is a Danish Swiss painter, born in Brædstrup, Jytland, and now living in Switzerland.  Despite being raised in an artistic family, it was not Hodel’s original intention to become an artist. After completing an apprenticeship in economics, she worked in this field for many years before being encouraged by her spouse to take art classes to refine her skills. From this point onwards, Hodel decided to concentrate solely on her art.

Bridging the Gap between Contrasting Artistic Styles         

Hodel believes in the importance of thematic exploration which allows her to delve deeper into the subject to reveal its different facets. For instance, her latest series revolved around the theme “Wild” with people showing animal traits and strong emotions in the form of anger, despair and desire.  Reinforcing her subject matter, Hodel’s work can be classified as a combination of expressionism with subtle hints of pop art. She feels that expressionist allows her to capture the intended emotive feel in the most effective way whereas she uses elements of pop art, more specifically, the strong colour, to induce a calming undertone with her portraits.  

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