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Vernal III 11.15, 2015, Acryl und Acrylmarker auf Leinwand, 40 x 40 cm

Vernal III 11.15 Ulrike Bultmann Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Vernal III 11.15 Ulrike Bultmann Painting Acrylic on Canvas
About Ulrike Bultmann

Today, German painter Ulrike Bultmann, born in Osterwald in 1954, lives and works in Berlin. Her enthusiasm for colors has accompanied the artist since her childhood, giving her reason to draw and paint. During a visit to the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris, she became overwhelmed by Claude Monet's water-lily pictures. Yet, paintings by Henri Matisse also influenced Ulrike Bultmann early on.

The desire for harmony between man and nature

Ulrike Bultmann's postmodern painting style uses playful ease and technical sophistication to capture our unmanageable world in the form of snippets. Her latest paintings include references to motifs from 18th century still-life paintings, transposed into the here and now. Her art challenges viewers to ask questions: What are we doing with nature? Are we aware of our responsibility towards nature? Where is the biodiversity of past centuries?

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