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femme au sac | Painting
femme au sac | Painting
About Valérie Depadova

Entering into the mobility of singular art, Valérie Depadova is an artist and painter born in 1965 in Algiers who now works in the Gard region of France.

Inspiration comes from elsewhere

Cradled by the sweet images of her childhood passed on the Algerian coast at Bou-Haroun, Valérie Depadova started drawing and painting at a young age.  From objects that her father brought back from his military missions elsewhere in Africa to the souvenirs of her trips to India and Asia as well as the warm colours of her native country, the artist has never ceased to be inspired by other cultures.  She thus delivers, with a determined and instinctive touch, works that have astonishing ethnic connotations as a tribute to women the world over.

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