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Serie sur les amerindiens, une facon de les honorer pour leur combat a Standing Rock ainsi qu'à Wounded knee. On leur a volé leurs terres, leur culture, leur heritage, leur eau. Il est temps de leur rendre hommage, de rendre hommage à un peuple premier avec lequel l'artiste a passé des moments très privilégiés dans le desert du Nevada, au Colorado, Utah et Nouveau Mexique.C'est un sujet qui lui tient particulièrement à coeur. Elle participe aussi…Learn more +

UTE NATION Virginia Valère Painting Acrylic on Canvas
UTE NATION Virginia Valère Painting Acrylic on Canvas
About Virginia Valère

The works of Virginia Valère, a French painter based in Miami, are a dynamic explosion of shapes, colours and life

Creative effervescence

Born into a family of artists, from an early age Virginia Valère found herself with thousands of coloured crayons in her drawers and miles of paper rolls – there was never enough!  Even today, in order to give life to all her ideas, her days really need to last for 72 hours and she would like to have 250 years ahead of her.  Consequently, this young lady lives at a very accelerated pace, at 300% and, her work is as lively as she is.

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