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Par delà les plaines immenses, Au travers des forêts qui se dérobent, Passer le Styx, corridor des âmes. Les autres vies au-delà. Peut-être nous reverrons nous, Aux rebords du monde.

L'envol William Guilmain Photography Digital on Paper
L'envol William Guilmain Photography Digital on Paper
About William Guilmain

The black and white works of the French photographer, William Guilmain, nestle between Cartesianism and romanticism.  It expresses a quest for « Being » across different societies and on paths yet to be travelled as evidenced in the series “Cosmos” and “The Edge of the World.”

The curiosity of a child of nature, a researcher in biology …….

William Guilmain spent his childhood in the middle of fields and forests building huts.  As an adult, he trained as a researcher in biology working intensively on cancer.  Today, he has put science aside in order to concentrate on his photographic work which is still heavily linked to nature.

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