Valentine's Day Collection

Give your Valentine a heartfelt gift: a work of art

Valentine's Day 2018

Remind them of a holiday, their heroes, or simply show your love through art: a truly original gift!

This year, go all out for Valentine's Day. No more half-hearted gifts, package holidays or gift cards - instead offering an ephemeral experience. A work of art is beautiful like a jewel in a treasure chest; it can be shared like a fine wine and your loved one will treasure it for their whole life, by your side of course.

Surprise them with art that speaks for you: they are as unique as a work of art! A copy is nothing more than a copy, and nothing could ever replace the original.

Online, Singulart offers a wide range of artworks (paintings, drawings, and photographs) by 600 recognised, carefully chosen artists from across the world. From still life to street art, abstract paintings to tableau photographs, you're sure to find something that your partner will enjoy. On our website, you can find artworks ranging from £200 to £14,000, which allows anybody, regardless of budget, to give an unforgettable gift. The Singulart team is here to help you impress this Valentine's Day!

Here are some suggestions to help you choose the art they're sure to love!

Remind them of a shared memory

  • Tangier at dawn

    Tanger - l'aube | Painting
  • A holiday in India

    Ghats de Varanasi | Photography
  • Paris will always be Paris

    Nuit étirée | Painting
  • A US roadtrip

    Further West 4 | Photography
  • American cities

    Patchwork City 61 | Painting
  • Romance in Hanoi

    Ha Noi | Photography
  • The garden from your first date

    Evening Seat | Painting
  • Your shared passion

    The Winner | Painting

Let the art speak for you

  • Orpheus and Eurydice

    Orphée et Eurydice | Painting
  • The beginning of the long road ahead

    untitled | Painting
  • A starry night

    Le Plongeur Céleste | Photography
  • I'll give you the moon

    My First Dream #1 | Photography
  • Love is looking in the same direction

    Yangshuo, Chine, 2016 | Photography
  • Lost in imagination

    Les Escarmouches Obsolètes | Painting
  • Sail away

    Sur l'Aliscafo, baie de Naples, tirage argentique / baryté | Photography
  • I am your knight in shining armour

    Portrait de Laurence | Photography

Give them flowers that will never wilt

Give them art from the country they love

  • Brazil...

    Mais Amor | Painting
  • Latvia

    THE COASTLINE | Painting
  • Armenia

    #1 | Painting
  • Singapore

    The Meeting of Souls and Minds | Photography
  • Japan

    The moon and flowers | Painting
  • South Korea

    Urban Methodology 05112017 | Drawing
  • Senegal

    L'heure de vérité | Painting
  • Nigeria

    Untitled V | Painting
  • Benin

    Dialogue III | Drawing
  • Lebanon

    BORD DE L EAU | Painting
  • Israel

    Kiev, Ukrainian girl wear angel wings demonstrate in front of pro Russian police | Photography

An artwork in their favourite colour

Make them laugh!

Fan of a character or actor?

  • Their childhood heroes

    Pop art painting
  • If Tintin had a motorbike...

    TINTIN SUR SA MOTO | Painting
  • Jean Rochefort, alive in our hearts

    Jean Rochefort | Photography
  • Carmen: Andalusian love

    Wo bist du? | Painting

Talk about love

  • Whisper sweet nothings

    « Bien avant que le temps soit compté, le grand silence. » | Painting
  • Light the spark

    Encres de chine, fusain et pierre noire sur papier. | Painting
  • Tell them in a roundabout way

    Duet | Photography
  • Hiding under an umbrella in a little bit of paradise

    Un p'tit coin d'parapluie | Painting
  • From Russia with love

  • Kiss me

    10ans qu'ils ne s'étaient pas revus, il n'y eut aucune parole, parler c’était déjà s'excuser ou mentir, les anges ne parlent pas ils enveloppent pour aimer, comme les mains de Jean sur Élise. | Painting
  • Popping the question?

    Pendant la photo des mariés cette chanson raisonnait : Pardonne-moi si mes yeux aujourd’hui,ne te distinguent de la lumière, s’ils ne séparent ton sourire, de leurs pleurs éblouis. | Painting