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Carolyn O'Neill

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Carolyn O'Neill - peintre
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« Each work definitely feels like some kind of journey that changes direction quite often … I don’t think they need to be anything other than intuitive, emotional, abstract compositions ... »

Carolyn O’Neill is an Australian visual artist who currently resides in South Australia. She works primarily with paint and mixed media, creating large-scale abstract canvases.

Emotional Inspirations

Previously a psychiatric nurse, O’Neill’s paintings tend to explore profound emotional and spiritual themes. Music and references from the Bible often provide the inspiration for her pieces. In her work, O’Neill likes to connect objects and locate the links between them, relying on 20th Century Modernist preoccupations rather than fleeting contemporary trends.

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Intuitive Mark-Making

O’Neill works primarily with oil on canvas. She paints intuitively, not relying on drafts and studies but letting each mark determine the next one. Usually O’Neill will cover the entire surface in leftover paints and will use this as a base, waiting for each layer to dry before she begins again. This allows for her to consider which direction the painting will take and gives the work an outward sense of contemplation and calm.

Australian Emergence

O’Neill has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions across Australia, holding her first solo show in Hamilton in 2012. She was shortlisted for the South West Survey in 2010 whilst studying visual art in Bunbury in West Australia.


Exposition collective

  • 2010
    Carolyn O'Neill / Bunbury Regional Art Gallery – Bunbury, Australie

Expositions solos

  • 2015
    Carolyn O'Neill / Brightspace Gallery – St Kilda, Australie
  • 2015
    Carolyn O'Neill / 19 Karen Gallery – Gold Coast, Australie
  • 2012
    Carolyn O'Neill / Hamilton – Hamilton, Australie
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