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Lars Kohl

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Lars Kohl - peintre
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« I like to think in pictures and about pictures. I like art, which combines cognitive, sensory and motor aspects. »

German painter Lars Kohl focuses on the representational, concrete painterly realization, which has increasingly gained in abstract qualities throughout the course of his career. Lars Kohl, born in 1983, studied Fine Art at the HfBK Dresden (2005-2014) and as a master student with Prof. Peter Bömmels starting in 2011. He lives and works in Dresden.

The quest for the picture composition

Lars Kohl's work emerges through a long-lasting painterly process, during which the artist applies layer after layer to the canvas. He positions figures and shapes in the picture, which are then subordinated to the complete composition and thus have to give up their position in the picture. Oftentimes they shine through the foremost layer, thus providing the picture with a dynamic shadow. The artist liberates himself from any painterly rules and thus creates a free atmosphere.

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Reflection of everyday life

Lars Kohl finds inspiration in everyday life. Above all, he paints motifs such as still lifes, interiors or landscapes. He seeks concrete, objective topics that he analyzes in his painting. In doing so, Lars Kohl does not take a standpoint and does not evaluate, but he is interested in the different nuances that can simultaneusly resonate in a motif. A new, reflective version of the motif comes into being while painting.

Dynamic artist career

Since 2012, Lars Kohl has been exhibiting at private and public institutions, including Dresden, Pirna, Frankfurt, St. Petersburg and Cologne. His exhibitions are accompanied by catalogs and his works can be found in public collections, such as the Museum Junge Kunst in Frankfurt.


Expositions collectives

  • 2014
    New Masters- so far / Städtische Galerie – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2014
    Und im Rücken... die Mücken / Labor Projektgalerie – Köln, Allemagne
  • 2014
    Im Bilde / Bayer Kulturhaus – Leverkusen, Allemagne
  • 2013
    Eigenwilligkeit / Museum Junge Kunst – Frankfurt a. O., Allemagne
  • 2012
    Mal 3 / Jagla Ausstellungsraum – Köln, Allemagne

Expositions solos

  • 2017
    Dedicated to / Kunstforum RadioLenck – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Alles Super / Produzenten Galerie Oliver Kratz – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Im Fokus / Galerie Klee – Lüdenscheid, Allemagne
  • 2016
    ALL IN / Produzenten Galerie Oliver Kratz – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2015
    Out of Ostrale / luth. Kirche St. Anna – St. Petersburg, Russie
  • 2012
    Nichte Neues / F14 - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst – Dresden, Allemagne
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