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From a series of landscapes and urban studies that set out to explore the perception of space and a sense of reality. Much in the way that Cezanne's painting dealt above all with the sensations of space, with the ambiguity in particular of our perceptual experience of distance in the way for example La Montagne Ste Victoire seems at the same time both very far away and so near that it is almost touchable, with a sense of mystery concerning the otherness…En savoir +

Brentor Church Jamie Andrews Peinture
Brentor Church Jamie Andrews Peinture
A propos de Jamie Andrews
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Jamie Andrews is British multimedia artist currently living in Suffolk. His work explores several genres - landscape, portrait, religious, political, social and satirical. His inspiration to become an artist stems from his family, particularly his father who was an art dealer, leading him to playfully draw, opening a whole new world of visual communication.  

Inspiration from his Life Experiences

Andrews paints landscapes using his imagination, striving not for a vivid, realistic interpretation but more so based on his memories associated with these places and how they made him feel. “Brentor Church” was for example a standout recollection where he captured his intense feelings on a canvas. Alternatively, his portraits are based on Freud’s personality theory, where he uses the ID, ego and super-ego to make sense of the people around him. 

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