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Gregg Chadwick

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Gregg Chadwick - peintre
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« Art can speak across oceans and cultures when words are not enough. »

Gregg Chadwick is an American contemporary painter who lives and works in Santa Monica. He studied Fine Art at UCLA followed by a master’s degree at NYU, and has been painting ever since. His current series of paintings depict American railroads and explore notions of time, place and memory.

Inspired by the railroad

Chadwick’s current studio is an old airplane hangar; the sounds of the runway have an impact on his work, as he explores time, movement and travel in his paintings. His current series ‘Mystery Train’ explores American railways, which form part of the country’s mythology and have a personal connection for Chadwick; his family worked on the railroads, and the sounds of the railway echoed in the music he heard growing up.

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Exploring memory through mark-making

Chadwick works primarily with oil paints, inspired by their key role in the painting tradition; he considers oil the perfect medium for capturing our current moment in time. Every one of his paintings is a compilation of moment and memory filtered through the process of mark-making. Chadwick feels that his paintings are similar to a movie screen, that bears the trace of all the films projected onto it before.

International success

Chadwick has participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions, and regularly exhibits his work in the USA and overseas. His work has been shown at art fairs including the Other Art Fair, the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair and the LA Art Show. Chadwick’s paintings feature in numerous private, public and corporate collections. His most recent solo exhibition was reviewed in the Huffington Post.


Mystery Train

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  • 2018
    Clark Hulings Fund Program Executive Fellow- Executive Fellow– New York, New York, États-Unis
  • 2017
    Clark Hulings Fund Program Fellow- Program Fellow– New York, New York, États-Unis
  • 2000
    Museum Award, Bolinas Museum, Paule Anglim Curator- Museum Award– Bolinas, California, États-Unis
  • 1989
    Nippon Seiyu-Kai 30th Anniversary Award- 30th Anniversary Award– Tokyo, Japon

Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    Bowie Intergalactic Tribute Art Exhibit (Curated by Dulce Stein) / Neutra Institute – Silver Lake, California, États-Unis
  • 2017
    MARK-MAKING, Recent Works by LA-Based Artists / Saatchi Art – Santa Monica, California, États-Unis
  • 2016
    One in A Million / L Ross Gallery – Memphis, Tenn, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Palm Springs Fine Art Fair / Palm Springs Art Fair – Palm Springs, California, États-Unis
  • 2015
    LA Art Show 2015 / LA Art Show – Los Angeles, California, États-Unis
  • 2015
    An Odyssey: 10 Years of the Torrance Art Museum / Torrance Art Museum – Torrance, California, États-Unis
  • 2014
    Aqua Art Miami / Aqua Art Miami – Miami, Florida, États-Unis
  • 2013
    artMRKT San Francisco / artMRKT San Francisco – San Francisco, California, États-Unis
  • 2003
    Beyond Belief / Burning Man – Black Rock City, Nevada, États-Unis

Expositions solos

  • 2018
    New Paintings by Gregg Chadwick / The Other Art Fair – Los Angeles, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Mystery Train / Sandra Lee Gallery – San Francisco, États-Unis
  • 2015
    The Silence of Catullus / Università degli Studi di Verona – Verona, Italie
  • 2014
    Revenant / Sandra Lee Gallery – San Francisco, États-Unis
  • 2013
    The Time Between / Sandra Lee Gallery – San Francisco, États-Unis
  • 2011
    Theater of Memory / Monterey Peninsula College Art Gallery – Monterey, États-Unis
  • 2010
    Gregg Chadwick / Manifesta Maastricht – Maastricht, Pays-Bas
  • 2010
    Time's Shadow - Gregg Chadwick / LOOK Gallery and Sherry Frumkin Gallery – Los Angeles, États-Unis
  • 2008
    Passports From the Realm - Gregg Chadwick / Julie Nestor Gallery – Park City, Utah, États-Unis
  • 2007
    Songs of Love & Sorrow / Central City Opera – Central City, Colorado, États-Unis
  • 2006
    Between Moment and Memory - Gregg Chadwick / Julie Nester Gallery – Park City, Utah, États-Unis
  • 2005
    Remembrance - Gregg Chadwick / Sierra Mar Gallery – Big Sur, California, États-Unis
  • 2004
    Speed of Life - Gregg Chadwick / Dolby Chadwick Gallery – San Francisco, California, États-Unis
  • 2004
    Ronin Dreams - Gregg Chadwick / Lisa Coscino Gallery – Pacific Grove, California, États-Unis
  • 2002
    Stained Glass Elegies - Gregg Chadwick / Dolby Chadwick Gallery – San Francisco, California, États-Unis
  • 2002
    Screen Memories - Gregg Chadwick / Lisa Coscino Gallery – Pacific Grove, California, États-Unis
  • 2000
    Northern California Exhibition / Bolinas Museum – Bolinas, California, États-Unis
  • 1999
    A History of Light - Gregg Chadwick / Dolby Chadwick Gallery – San Francisco, California, États-Unis
  • 1990
    In the Footsteps of Hiroshige / Space A.D. 2000 – Tokyo, Japon
  • 1987
    In the Ginza Rain / Iku Gallery – Osaka, Japon



  • 1992
    Villa Montalvo - Los Gatos, California, États-Unis

Collections permanentes

  • Adobe Systems Inc. U.S. Corporate Headquarters, San Jose, California, États-Unis

  • Richard Becker, Stockholm, Suède

  • Nicole Christensen, Sydney, Australie

  • Dick and Julie Corbin, Orinda, California, États-Unis

  • Lisa Coscino, San Francisco, California, États-Unis

  • Phil Cousineau, San Francisco, California, États-Unis

  • Craig Dimmick, Singapour

  • Grady Harp, Altadena, California, États-Unis

  • Alex and Sharon Henthorn-Iwane, Berkeley, California, États-Unis

  • Michael and Renee Hertzberg, Beverly Hills, California, États-Unis

  • Angela Hudson, Los Angeles, California, États-Unis

  • Akio Kanai, Tokyo, Japon

  • Daphne Merkin, New York, New York, États-Unis

  • Mike and Barb Phillips, Park City, Utah, États-Unis

  • Julie Weiss, Los Angeles, California, États-Unis

  • Yareli Arizmendi and Sergio Arau, Los Angeles, California, États-Unis

  • Winona State University, Minnesota, États-Unis

  • Alza Pharmaceutical, U.S. Corporate Headquarters, Mountain View, California, États-Unis

  • Chiron Corporation, Emeryville, California, États-Unis

  • Gilpin Museum, Central City, Colorado, États-Unis

  • Graciela Hotel, Burbank, California, États-Unis

  • Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco, California, États-Unis

  • Hewlett Packard Corporation, Palo Alto, California, États-Unis

  • The Kimpton Group Headquarters, San Francisco, California, États-Unis

  • National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia, États-Unis

  • NEC Electronics, U.S. Corporate Headquarters, Santa Clara, California, États-Unis

  • Nokia, Mountain View, California, États-Unis

  • Nordstrom, Seattle, Washington, États-Unis

  • Scios Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Fremont, California, États-Unis

  • VeriSign Worldwide Headquarters, Mountain View, California, États-Unis

  • W Hotel, Hollywood, California, États-Unis

  • Craig Zisk and Katrina Dornig, Hollywood, California, États-Unis
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