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peintre, dessinatrice | Pologne

Joanna Pilarczyk

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Joanna Pilarczyk - peintre, dessinatrice
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Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka is a Polish contemporary artist who currently resides in London, England. She studied for a master’s degree in Visual Art Education at the University of Zielona Gora, Poland, and has been painting her figurative portraits and city scenes ever since.

Inspired by those around her

Pilarczyk finds that other human beings are the most fascinating subject for her work, and she often paints those who are close to her as well as people she encounters in daily life. Her goal is to capture these moments and encounters, showing the individuality of those she meets; the resulting paintings reflect her inner dialogue with the subject. Pilarczyk is inspired by artists such as Gauguin, Lucien Freud and Frida Kahlo who give a voice to human fragility and strength.

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Colourful portraiture

Pilarczyk’s portraits are characterised by their use of bold and contrasting colours, which allows her to create an emotive atmosphere. She paints in a gestural style, working in a variety of media: ink, acrylic, watercolour and digital illustration. Her aim is not only to create visually interesting paintings, but to offer a truthful representation of her subject that captures their inner self.

Emerging artist

Pilarczyk has exhibited widely in her native Poland, and since moving to the UK has continued to show her work, at venues such as the Candid Arts Trust and Autonomous Gallery. Her work features in numerous private collections.


Expositions collectives

  • 2016
    Summer Salon / Candid Arts Trust – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2016
    Portrait Exhibition / Candid Art Trust – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2016
    Lead, water & ink / Craving coffee – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2016
    Breath & dust / Hive Dalston – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2016
    Refugee Aid Fair / Rochester Square Garden Community – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2016
    Thunder in Flowers / Autonomous Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2014
    Ugly Coyote kills the Roadrunner / A squatted Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2014
    Paintings & drawings / Post Office squat Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2013
    Paintings / DNA Gallery – Wroclaw, Pologne
  • 2008
    Paintings / BWA Gallery – Zielona Gora, Pologne
  • 2008
    Skull / Fermentownia Gallery – Zielona Gora, Pologne

Expositions solos

  • 2016
    You are on my mind / Craving coffee – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2011
    Portraits II / Onyx hotel – Gubin, Pologne
  • 2010
    Face / Ratusz Gallery – Gubin, Pologne
  • 2008
    Portraits / Fermentownia Gallery – Zielona Gora, Pologne
  • 2003
    Fantasy world / Ratusz Gallery – Gubin, Pologne
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