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Sylwia Synak

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Sylwia Synak - peintre
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« In my art, I deal with the resonance of my everyday life. »

The Polish painter Sylwia Synak was born in Gdynia in 1974. She attended the art grammar school in Poland from 1990 to 1995, then studied sociology at the Wrocław University in Poland, whereafter she studied communication and design with a focus on free painting at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich 1999-2005. She's been living in Munich since 2000, where she works as a freelance artist.


Growing up in a family of art collectors and gallerists, Sylwia Synak's creativity found support early on. At the age of five, she creates fashion designs and undertakes first painting experiments. After studying free painting, Sylwia Synak initially worked as a graphic designer, decorator and mural artist before finally devoting herself to her love of abstract painting in 2014.

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Abstract transformations

Sylwia Synak's works emerge intuitively and spontaneously. When painting, the artist follows her inner impulses. Brushes, spatulas and rollers are used to create superimposed layers of acrylic paint as well as natural materials such as limestone, marble powder, chalk or oils. The artist creates aesthetic, abstract compositions that invite the viewer to pause and go within.

International exhibitions

Each year, Sylwia Synak exhibits her works at numerous galleries and art fairs. Among others in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin (Germany), Tokyo (Japan), Basel, Zurich (Switzerland), Malaga (Spain), London (England), Beijing (China) and Monaco (Monaco).


Swamp Chalk & Marble Dust

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Acrylic on Canvas

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Acrylic on Paper

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Exposition collective

  • 2018
    The Art Project, NY 1.0, USA / STRICOFF Gallery New York – New York, États-Unis

Expositions solos

  • 2017
    Exhibition "Transformation" / Gallery Craft Centrale – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2017
    The Artbox Project, Basel 1.0, Switzerland / ​ 2017  The Artbox Project, Basel 1.0, Euroairport Luminator, event platform of Museum Jean Tingly, Basel  Switzerland – Basel, Suisse
  • 2017
    „Blick Fang“ / Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren​ – Kaufbeuren, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Ausstellung / Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany – München, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Abstrakte tTansformationen / Airport Lufthansa Gallery – Munich, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Ausstellung / Achtzig Gallery Contemporary Art – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Solo-Ausstellung / Sophisticated Gallery Munich, Germany – München, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Solo-Ausstellung / Gainsbourg Gallery – Zurich, Suisse
  • 2015
    Abstrakte Tansformationen / Airport Lufthansa Gallery – Munich, Allemagne


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