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peintre, dessinatrice | Allemagne

Anna Bieler

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Anna Bieler - peintre, dessinatrice
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« When I paint a picture, I try to come up with something very original, existential. »

The artist Anna Bieler, born 1968 in Thessaloniki (Greece), spent her childhood in Greece, Portugal and Germany. She studied at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Fine Arts and received her diploma in 1997. Today she lives and works in Wiesbaden (Germany) and on the Costa Vicentina (southern Portugal).

Figurative painting

Anna Bieler imaginatively and surrealistically paints creatures that move between abstract figurativeness, animals and natural elements. The picture composition underlines the relationships and connections between the figures. The artist focuses on interpersonal issues as well as on self-awareness and existential realms such as death and life. The narrative images allow the observer to discover stories and let his own imagination run wild.

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A focus on primary colors

The compositions by Anna Bieler are mostly painted in strong and colorful primary colors, i.e. red, blue and yellow, as well as a lot of white. The strong contrasts between the colors delimit shapes and figures from each other and situate them in the space. In doing so, the artist usually does without perspective and shadow effects. Her pictures are direct and honest.

International successes

Anna Bieler's works have been displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions, among others at the Kunsthaus Wiesbaden 2000, the Atelier neun, Mainz 2012 (Germany), the Galeria Porca Preta, Monchique 2005, the Centro Cultural de Lagos 2015 (Portugal) and the Casa de Cultura de Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid 2018 (Spain).


Leinwandarbeiten 2017

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Papierarbeiten 2017

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Papierarbeiten 2016

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Leinwandarbeiten 2016

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Leinwandarbeiten 2018

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Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    Del Color al Discurso / Galeria de la Casa de Cultura de Torrejón de Ardoz – Madrid, Espagne
  • 2017
    Denkmal! Kunst-Festival / St. Blasius Kirche – Hann.Münden, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Exposição Colectiva no Feminino / Galeria Moldopoli – Lagos, Portugal
  • 2015
    answer 2 / Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 2015
    Horizontes quadrilatetrais / Centro Cultural – Lagos, Portugal
  • 2013
    Mainz-Berlin-Chemnitz / Atelier neun – Mainz, Allemagne
  • 2010
    Zeitgleich-Zeitzeichen: Art &Dialog / Stadtraum – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 2009
    Arte contemporânea / LM galeria de arte contemporânea – Sintra, Portugal
  • 2008
    Harlekin und Roboter / Stadtmuseum/Kunstverein – Zweibrücken, Allemagne
  • 2008
    20 Jahre Essenheimer Kunstverein / Rathaus – Mainz, Allemagne

Expositions solos

  • 2018
    Vom Miteinander, vom Mensch-Sein / Museum im Wehener Schloss – Taunusstein-Wehen, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Des Menschen Theater / DKD Helios Klinik – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 2015
    Sinn und Wahn / Galerie im Thalhaus – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 2013
    Anna Bieler - Malerei / Rathaus Schierstein – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 2012
    Lebensfarben / Agaplesion Markus Krankenhaus – Frankfurt/Main, Allemagne
  • 2007
    Anna Bieler - Malerei / Kommunale Galerie – Schlangenbad, Allemagne


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