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Edward Henrion

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Edward Henrion - peintre, dessinateur
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Edward Henrion, born in 1928, was an American satirical artist. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and after studying painting in Chicago, moved to New York where he lived with his wife Marilyn until he passed away in 2016.

New York Art and Literary Scene  

During the 1950s, Henrion was immersed in the Abstract Expressionist scene, engaging and sharing ideas with the likes of De Kooning and Motherwell at the 8th Street Artists’ Club. Again in the 60s and 70s, the Henrion’s were at the centre of the artistic and literary scene in New York, regularly hosting salons at their Greenwich Village apartment with invitees such as Allen Ginsberg.

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Satirical Insights

Henrion’s oeuvre consists of both life drawings and intelligent, lively illustrations that provide an insight into the New York scene and beyond during this significant era. His satirical drawings and sharp caricatures are an acerbic and pointed comment on a society with which he was familiar and so able to provide these shrewd observations and reflections on the human condition in general.

Editorial Illustrations

While Henrion actively avoided involvement in the commercial art world, he created work on a freelance basis for editorials and publications such as Human Events and Libertarian Review.


Exposition collective

  • 2016
    Artists' Choice- Invitational Exhibition / Noho M55 Gallery – New York, États-Unis


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