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peintre, dessinatrice | Allemagne

Gala Biermann

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Gala Biermann - peintre, dessinatrice
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« My pictures tell stories about life, moments from everyday life, desire and the longing for connectedness. »

German artist Gala Biermann was born in Dresden in 1975, where she still lives and works today. After studying at the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen (1994-1998), studying stage and costume design in Dresden (1998) and spending a semester abroad at the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi Georgia (2000) and Amsterdam (Netherlands 2002), she completes her diploma at the HfBK Dresden in 2006. Her pictures are evidence of this extensive education and the acquired skills.

Man and life

Just as is the case in theater, Gala Biermann offers life a projection surface through her pictures. Her graphics and paintings take on the topic of human relationships (e.g. mother and child) in different cultures or biographical events. Despite her motives appearing quite common, they are fresh and intelligent, for Gala Biermann manages to depict humanity without conveying. She discovers her motives during her numerous travels.

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Figurative - abstract painting

During her studies in Meissen, Gala Biermann learned how to precisely work with color and shape. Gala Biermann's goal is not to carry the perfectionism of porcelain painting over to her pictures. She reflects atmosphere and fast pace through her liberal style. The appeal of the incomplete leaves identities open. Even in her completely abstract works, mood and atmosphere are a central theme.

Diverse projects

Gala Biermann engages herself at various levels in the theater. She started out as a stage designer and costume designer (2004) and then staged various theater projects and performances herself (beginning in 2013). At the same time she shows her artistic works in group and solo exhibitions, such as the 5th Dresden Biennale 2015.


Tanz auf dem Papier

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  • 2015
    Art-in-Residence- Stipendium– Hooksiel, Allemagne
  • 2014
    Art-in-Residence- Stipendium– Lübeck, Allemagne

Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    "brecht - im Kontext zu Bertolt Brecht" / Kunstraum Dresden – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2017
    Gesichter in der Stadt / Rathaus Dresden – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2016
    "Der Mensch ist garnicht gut" Werke im Kontext zu Bert Brecht / Rathaus Salzburg – Salzburg, Autriche
  • 2015
    5. Dresdner Biennale, Kunstfestival ORNÖ / Dresden – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2014
    20. Kunstausstellung "Mensch-Natur" / Nationalpark Harz – Andreasberg, Allemagne
  • 2013
    Mitgliederausstellung / Künstlerbund Dresden – Dresden, Allemagne
  • 2012
    "Ausblicke" / Kirnitzsch-Galerie – Bad Schandau, Allemagne
  • 2001
    "Eine ausGEZEICHNETE Reise" / Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig – Leipzig, Allemagne
  • 2000
    "Neue Kunst" / Kunsthalle Tbilissi Altstadt – Tbilissi, Géorgie

Expositions solos

  • 2015
    "Tiefseeabenteuer" / Künstlerhaus Hooksiel – Hooksiel, Allemagne
  • 2014
    "Lebenszyklen" / Samstagsgalerie Lübeck – Lübeck, Allemagne
  • 2006
    Diplomausstellung / HfBK Dresden – Dresden, Allemagne
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