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Isla Pearson

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Isla Pearson - peintre
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« My work is rooted in a deep connection with the earth, the body and the inner landscape »

Isla Pearson is a British artist. She works primarily with paint but also incorporates elements such as photography, textiles and text into her pieces. Having studied at Central St. Martins in London, Pearson is currently living and working in Stroud, Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom.

Enigmatic Abstraction

Pearson’s pieces are preoccupied with questions of interiority, the body and the earth, and finding the connections between all three. Her semi-abstract paintings are shrouded in subtle mystery - they hint at birds, landscapes and natural forms and although not directly representative, project a depth and truth that resonates with the viewer.

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A Process of Space and Evolution

Pearson’s works have a profound connection with the earth, and as a result the colour palette is subtle, with soft and dry brush strokes. The work is open-ended and Pearson allows it the space to evolve and take on its own meaning. Her process is one of layering and mark-making which lends itself to this idea of depth and space, and creates a sense of gravity and stillness in the paintings.

A Growing Reputation

Pearson has presented her work in group and solo exhibitions in London and the United Kingdom. In 1995, she created ‘unfamiliar ground’, a site-specific public installation at the prestigious Geffrye Museum in London.



  • 2009
    Ludlow Open– Shropshire, Royaume-Uni

Expositions collectives

  • 2014
    Group Exhibition / Redhanded – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2014
    Group Exhibition / Redhanded – Stroud, Royaume-Uni
  • 2011
    Group Exhibition / The Bevere – Worcester, Royaume-Uni
  • 2010
    Contemporary Drawing Show / Stroud House Gallery – Stroud, Royaume-Uni
  • 2009
    Group Exhibition / New Ashgate Gallery – Surrey, Royaume-Uni
  • 2008
    Inside Out / Galanthus Gallery – Hereford, Royaume-Uni
  • 2008
    Group Exhibition / Kendrick Street Gallery – Stroud, Royaume-Uni
  • 2006
    Group Exhibition / The Red Forge Gallery – Wiltshire, Royaume-Uni
  • 2004
    Summer Show / The Rope Store – Minchinhampton, Royaume-Uni
  • 2004
    Group Exhibition / The Rope Store Studio – Nailsworth, Royaume-Uni
  • 2003
    Group Exhibition / The Rope Store – Stroud, Royaume-Uni

Expositions solos

  • 2015
    Solo Exhibition / Ruskin Mill Gallery – Gloucestershire, Royaume-Uni
  • 2014
    Solo Exhibition / Lansdown Gallery – Stroud, Royaume-Uni
  • 2010
    Vessels / Kendrick Street Gallery – Stroud, Royaume-Uni
  • 2009
    Touching Earth / The George Gallery – Newnham, Royaume-Uni
  • 2005
    Open studio / Griffin Mill – Thrupp, Royaume-Uni
  • 1995
    Unfamiliar Ground / Geffrye Museum – London, Royaume-Uni
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