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photographe | Allemagne

Leo Braun

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Leo Braun - photographe
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 Leo Braun (born 1992) is a German Photographer who lives and works between Berlin, Germany and Padua, Italy. Working primarily in a documentary and portrait style, Braun’s photographs are poignant snapshots into the lives and stories of urban and suburban people.

Establishing Affinities

Braun has been taking photographs since the age of ten years old. Fascinated by people, it’s important to him to build some degree of interpersonal relationship with his subjects. At times that meeting can be fleeting, sometimes intense, or even evolve over a long period of time, but there is a connection established which allows Braun to step into the lives and stories of those standing before his lens.

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The Portrait of a Grandfather

Braun’s most significant project to date is “Willi”. This exhibition and photobook gives a touching insight into the life of Braun’s 87-year-old grandfather, Willi. These poignant portraits show him alone, in the family home in which he used to live with his wife, parents and children. The images are reminders of time, and the circle of life. Even though the decor remains the same, the home reminds us of a time when life was different for him - a life he shared with his wife and others.

Gaining Recognition in Germany

Leo Braun graduated from the Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin in 2017. His photobook “Willi” was exceptionally received in Germany, and he has since participated in both group and solo exhibitions in his home country.


Expositions collectives

  • 2017
    Impressum / Neue Schule Für Fotografie – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 2016
    Yum Yum / Hackbert – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 2014
    Undercover / Kulturnacht – Ulm, Allemagne
  • 2014
    Feast / Neue Schule Für Fotografie – Berlin, Allemagne

Exposition solo

  • 2016
    TXL / Kulturnacht – Ulm, Allemagne
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