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Lia Galletti

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Lia Galletti - peintre
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« Color is like a melody, composed of mental images, of the journey of feelings and of moments lived. »

Lia Galletti is a painter, born in Havana, Cuba and now living in Miami, Florida. She was heavily influenced by her father after seeing him paint, inspiring her to experiment with drawing during her early school years. After moving to New York with her family, she started to exhibit in the city, establishing her style within abstract expressionism.  

Simple forms and Colour as the Foundation of her Art

For Galetti, the most complex messages are encoded in the most simple of forms. She therefore does not aim to present viewers with a particular narrative but she rather prefers her work to evoke feelings that are similar to what she paints on her canvas. Colour is then vital to express these as nuances and variation in tones enable her to portray the continual movement of our emotions, whether they are favourable or not.

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The Form of her Canvas

Galletti starts a painting by ‘mapping’ her canvas with the outline of an expression or shape, thereafter developing an image that borders between abstraction and reality. She applies many layers of paint, brushing the canvas in a freely expressive way, before her abstract form materialises.

A Favourable American Reputation

Lia Galletti has exhibited widely across America, in special venues like Art Miami and Art America in Miami, Florida. her work is housed in several public and private collections, including the Bacardi International and The Art Museum of the Americas at the Organization of American States, Washington, DC.


Expositions collectives

  • 2017
    Closeup II: Nine Contemporary Cuban Artists / Lore Degenstein Gallery, Susquehanna University – Selinsgrove, PA, États-Unis
  • 2017
    6TH GUANLAN INTERNATIONAL PRINT BIENNIAL CHINA 2017 / China Print Museum – Guanlan, Shenzhen, Chine
  • 2017
    Positive / Negative / Sidney and Berne Davis Art Center – Fort Myers, FL, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Florida Contemporary / The Baker Museum – Naples, FL, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Closeup: Eight Contemporary Cuban Artists / Webber Gallery at University of Central Florida – Ocala, FL, États-Unis
  • 1995
    Caribbean Visions: Painting and Sculpture / Center for the Fine Arts – Miami, FL, États-Unis

Expositions solos

  • 2014
    Abstract Ground / Alliance for the Arts – Fort Myers, FL, États-Unis
  • 2011
    Reflections On Canvas / Alliance for the Arts – Fort Myers, FL, États-Unis
  • 2003
    Interstices / Capitol Complex – Tallahassee, FL, États-Unis
  • 2000
    Recent works / Inter-American Development Bank Art Gallery – Washington DC, États-Unis
  • 1993
    Oricha / The Frame Centre Gallery – Kingston, Jamaïque
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