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dessinateur | Allemagne

Michael Schulze

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Michael Schulze - dessinateur
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« Art is the strategy of attention. »

The German artist Michael Schulze was born in Trier in 1952. From 1975 to 1983 he studied at the University of Arts in Berlin and graduated as a master student of Wolfgang Petrick. In addition to regular work stays in the USA, Russia and China, Michael Schulze lives and works at his sculptor's studio in Roetgen or his etching workshop in Senzke.

Human and nature

Michael Schulze's artistic socialization and the self-determination associated therewith, as well as his teaching endeavors as a professor shine an independent and very intense light on his obsessive attitude towards art. His close relationship with nature stems from his childhood. He grew up surrounded by nature and animals. This bond continues to be reflected in his attitude and his works.

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Topics and concepts

With his poetic and critical style, Michael Schulze takes on various topics from the contradictions in art and science, technology and nature characterized by Western society, or the relationship between humans and animals. Based on a kind of archaeological logic as well as the method of collecting and dissecting, he uses his sculptures, drawings and etchings to undertake a poetic transformation of things in order to transpose them into a new formal context.

National and international references

Michael Schulze has exhibited his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Berlin, Wiesbaden, Bremen, Aachen (Germany), Los Angeles, Houston, San Francisco (USA), St. Petersburg (Russia), Linz (Austria) or Copenhagen (Denmark). His works are represented in private and museum collections internationally and nationally.


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Expositions solos

  • 2018
    Weltenbaum / Galerie Schwerzfelderstrasse – Roetgen, Allemagne
  • 2013
    Verfolgt von Max E. im Rollstuhl / Galerie Phönix – Köln, Allemagne
  • 2009
    Bitte um Stellungnahme / Galerie 45 – Aachen, Allemagne
  • 2007
    Michael Schulze / Galerie 24 m2 – Aachen, Allemagne
  • 2001
    Unterstellungen / Ludwig-Forum für Internationale Kunst – Aachen, Allemagne
  • 2001
    „Eifelgeschichten-Tiergeschichten“ / Galerie Schwerzfelderstrasse – Roetgen, Allemagne
  • 1994
    Reliefs / Galerie Redmann – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1993
    Drei geöffnete Mappen / Repin-Institut – St. Petersburg, Russie
  • 1992
    Sieh um Dich / Körnerpark – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1992
    Look Out / Moody Gallery – Houston, États-Unis
  • 1992
    Machinationen / Zolla/Liebermann Gallery – Chicago, États-Unis
  • 1990
    Ausschnitte, Arbeiten von 1980-1990 / Kulturamt Wiesbaden – Wiesbaden, Allemagne
  • 1989
    Look Out / Shoshana Wayne Gallery – Los Angeles, États-Unis
  • 1987
    „Arbeiten von 1977 -87“ / Villa Frank – Ludwigsburg, Allemagne
  • 1986
    „Kammerjäger“ / Galerie Pfeifenberger – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1984
    „Allegorie auf den Fortschritt“ / Technische Universität Berlin – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1983
    Michael Schulze / Droysen Galerie – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1982
    Tacho Saurus / Galerie Kulmerstrasse – Berlin, Allemagne
  • 1980
    „Verfolgt von Max. E. im Rollstuhl“ / Galerie Kulmerstrasse – Berlin, Allemagne
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