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Nadja Daehnke

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Nadja Daehnke - peintre
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Nadja Daehnke is a South African artist who was born in Johannesburg in 1971. She studied masters’ degrees in both Art History and Fine Art at the University of Cape Town. Daehnke is interested in visual and written forms of communication, and her work explores contemporary society and its issues.

Visual forms of communication

Daehnke is particularly interested by the dominance of the written and spoken word in society, and how these forms of communication aspire to be specific. On the other hand, she feels drawn to visual forms of communication as this is more open-ended and subject to interpretation. In her images, she draws on didactic texts and scientific studies that explain the world in order to explore how we very subjectively try to create a fixed identity and meaning for ourselves.

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Explorative approach

Daehnke enjoys exploring and experimenting with new ways of working and inventive ways of manipulating materials. She is constantly investigating and rethinking the ways art materials can be used, as a way to investigate what contemporary art is and what it can be. She works with various different media, often combining them to create innovative mixed media works.

International success

Daehnke has exhibited widely in her native South Africa and overseas in the UK, USA and Qatar. She has received numerous awards and residencies, most recently at the Bath Fringe Festival in the UK. Daehnke also has extensive experience as a curator and art lecturer.


Equals & Averages

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  • 2002
    Sanlam Art of Investment Award- First Prize– Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud

Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    Unsettled / Absa Gallery – Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud
  • 2018
    Well Worn / Cavalli Gallery – Somerset West, Afrique du Sud
  • 2017
    Summer Show 2 / Circa Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2015
    However: works on paper by South African artists / Art Hub Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2012
    Crossing Boundaries: Contemporary Art and Artists from South Africa / he Gallery, VCU – Doha, Qatar
  • 2004
    Lexicons and labyriths: Iconography of the Genome / Iziko South African Museum – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
  • 2001
    Weather Report / South African National Gallery – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud

Expositions solos

  • 2018
    Equals & Averages / KKNK – Oudtshoorn, Afrique du Sud
  • 2017
    Equals & Averages / AVA GALLERY – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
  • 2007
    Restless To and Fro Between Yes and No / Joao Ferreira Gallery – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
  • 2005
    Profit & Loss / Joao Ferreira Gallery – Cape Town, Afrique du Sud


  • 2016
    Ride the Sky - Bath, Nations Unies
  • 2014
    OPENLab - Bloemfontein & Richmond, Afrique du Sud
  • 2007
    Greatmore Studios - Cape Town, Afrique du Sud
  • 2000
    Holland South Africa Line - Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
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