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Piotr Butkiewicz

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Piotr Butkiewicz - peintre
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« Transitory, bright, variable, parallel, delicate, sensual, happiness, mystery, improvisation, madness, tenderness, transparent »

Piotr Butkiewicz, born in 1966, is a Polish visual artist. His abstract paintings explore the limits of visual communication and the idea of inferring meaning from art and the visual form.

Semantic Incoherence

For Butkiewicz, painting does not necessarily have to reveal some profound, universal truth but is an expression of subtle emotions and personal interiority, a way for the artist to better understand himself. While his earlier work focused on the changes in light and atmosphere of landscapes, Butkiewicz now engages with more ambiguous and transitory subjects such as happiness, delight, depth and confusion. Through this, he focuses on how there is often a disjointedness between the linguistic and the visual world and how we lose and gain coherence when translating one into the other.

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Perceiving Reality

Butkiewicz wants to break rules and cross boundaries with his paintings. The works are often light and humorous and play with our perceptions of reality so as to counter the often dreary and harsh reality of everyday life. His process, much like his subject matter, is intimate and personal. He adopts a style of unrestricted gesturality, engagement with materiality and abstraction.

National Success

Butkiewicz has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in his native Poland and further afield in places such as the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. In 2018 he presented his work at The Other Art Fair at Victoria House in London.


"Very close" - portraits, selfies, nudes

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Exposition collective

  • 2018
    The Other Art Fair by Saatchi Art / Victoria House, Southampton Row – London, Royaume-Uni

Expositions solos

  • 2015
    Freedom / Mia Gallery – Wroclaw, Pologne
  • 2014
    In Touch / Olympia Gallery – Krakow, Pologne
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