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Rich Moyers

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Rich Moyers - peintre, dessinateur
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Rich Moyers is an American artist currently based in Peoria, Arizona. After studying at various art institutions such as the U.C.L.A. Studio Arts and Art Institute of Chicago, Moyers pursued a career in art, creating principally abstract work.

A Collaboration between Lines, Shapes and Colours

 Moyers’ works are distillations of lines and chromatic illuminations with modern minimalist influences. His art is an extensive investigation of space, structure and balance; however, he prefers to maintain a level of spontaneity within his work. Moyers aims to strike a compromise between dynamic colour and proportional harmonies.

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Uncovering the Foundation of his Canvas

Moyers starts with seeking the essence of each work through a process of “pre-visualisation”. Ideas, perceptions and influences are constantly refined and reworked to achieve an emotive resonance. The combination of physical and subconscious energies results in the shapes and patterns seen in Moyers’ work.

Established American Artist

Rich Moyers has had numerous solo and group exhibitions widely across America in galleries including: The Mackenzie Gallery, Seattle, Elaine Horwitch Gallery, Arizona and the Benjamin Russell Gallery, New York.


Illusional Directives - Propensities of Time

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Aggressive Tendencies

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Mythics & the Cosmos

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  • 2013
    ArtSlant Showcase Competition- First Prize– Los Angeles, CA, États-Unis

Exposition collective

  • 2008
    Triple Play / BERNARD TOALE FINE ART (2005 - 2008) – Boston, MA, États-Unis

Expositions solos

  • 2005
    Duo Exhibition - R. Moyers + S. Tamma - "2U" / JUDY ANN GOLDMAN FINE ART (2001-2005) – Boston, MA, États-Unis
  • 1998
    Solo Exhibition - "Black E / White T" / ARTUR RUNNIER CONTEMPORARY (1993 -1999) – Chicago, IL, États-Unis
  • 1996
    Duo Exhibition - Matlin & Moyers - Minimal Light / BENJAMIN RUSSELL GALLERY (1995-1998) – New York, NY, États-Unis
  • 1995
    Solo Exhibition - "Know Change" / SUZANNE BROWN GALLERY (1992 - 1996) – - Scottsdale, AZ, États-Unis
  • 1988
    Solo Exhibition - Rich Moyers "Iterational Disputes"ns" / ELAINE HORWITCH GALLERY – Scottsdale, Sedona, AZ, États-Unis
  • 1986
    Solo Exhibition - Rich Moyers - "Surfaced" / MACKENZIE GALLERY (1985 -1987) – Seattle, WA, États-Unis
  • 1983
    Solo Exhibition - Rich Moyers "New Visions" / CONNOR / WHYTE GALLERY (1983-1987 ) – Los Angeles, CA, États-Unis

Collections permanentes

  • IBM, Amonk, NY, États-Unis

  • Gillette, Boston, MA, États-Unis

  • Aetna, Hartford, CT, États-Unis

  • Baxter Int., Deerfield, IL, États-Unis

  • Occidental Petroleum, Los Angeles, CA, États-Unis

  • Motorola, Phoenix, AZ, États-Unis

  • Phelps Dodge, Phoenix, AZ, États-Unis
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