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Sergey Kruzhkov

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Sergey Kruzhkov - peintre
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« I don't know what art is, and if I did, the answer wouldn't satisfy me. »

Painter Sergey Kruzhkov was born in Kazakhstan in 1984, where lived up until he was 11 years old. In 1995 him and his family immigrate to Germany and in 2001 he begins attending the Technical College for Art and Design in Winsen, whereafter he studies fine arts at the Freie Hochschule in Freiburg from 2005. Today, Sergey Kruzhkov lives and works in Hamburg.

A plastic picture finding process

Using oil paint, Sergey Kruzhkov creates collage-like pictorial worlds, which are projective as well as receptive films of reality. At first sight, the pictures are very open and accessible, for they do not immediately reveal the included multi layer, multiply encoded pictorial space, which becomes increasingly entangled under closer inspection, rather than untangled.

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A talented newcomer

In 2009, Sergey Kruzhkov received a studio scholarship from the Free University of Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Freiburg. He has been exhibiting his works at exhibitions in Cologne, Zurich and Freiburg since.  


Expositions collectives

  • 2015
    Museumsnacht / Kunsthaus Rhenania – Köln, Allemagne
  • 2012
    Cluster"the Werkhalle" / Am Kunstwerk Köln – Köln, Allemagne
  • 2009
    ,,Junger Südwesten“, / POST FINE ARTS, – Freiburg, Allemagne
  • 2009
    ,,unfolded“ / Kunstverein Offenburg – Offenburg, Allemagne
  • 2008
    gut / Kunstverein Kirchzarten – Kirchzarten, Allemagne
  • 2008
    ,,Regionale 9″, Kunsthalle Basel, Schweiz / Kunsthalle Basel – Basel, Suisse

Expositions solos

  • 2008
    ,,Introducing 5″, / T66 Kulturwerk – Freiburg, Allemagne
  • 2008
    ,,Wahlverwandtschaften I“ / KUNSTKABINETT POST – Freiburg, Allemagne
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