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Stavri Kalinov

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Stavri Kalinov - peintre
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One of the most significant multidisciplinary artists in Bulgaria in the 20th century, Stavri Kalinov was born in Vidin, Bulgaria on 15 November 1944. After graduating the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, (then called “Nikolai Pavlovich” Higher Institute of Fine Arts), with woodcarving, Kalinov continued to pursue his own creative expressions, mainly sculptures and paintings. His semi-abstract work is a creative expression of a vivid imaginantion, rivalling many world famous painters.

A Plethora of Influences

Kalinov’s art is a combination of history, mythology, religion, folk-art and literary concepts. His art includes iconography, religious and biblical themes, symbolic visions of animalia and biomorphism, exaggerated male and female forms; ritualistic and creationist premises, archetypal imagery, godlike and demon like creatures. Kalinov’s art is incapable of subtlety and is anything but light.

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Finding his own Artistic Path

Kalinov’s paintings relies heavily on the use of mixed oils on canvas which result in the creation of three dimensional oil murals. Over the years he has developed his own style of “Kalinography” as can be seen in his series of the name, which is his unique patented graphics technique.

An Accomplished Veteran Bulgarian Artist

Stavri Kalinov’s career spans over half a century with his works being shown worldwide including: Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, France and USA. He has exhibited in places like La galerie D ' Etraz, Switzerland and Galerie Picpus, France. A collection of works can currently be found in his gallery, Art Club Diplomat, in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria


3D Oil on canvas

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  • 2006
    Golden Age award - Lifetime Achievement - Lauréat– Sofia, Bulgarie
  • 1995
    Gallery Guide award- Lauréat– LA, États-Unis

Expositions collectives

  • 1995
    - / Wheeler Hot Springs, 16825 Maricopa Highway, Ojai. – Los Angeles, États-Unis
  • 1985
    Small and large bronze sculptures / Various Galleries – Melbourne and Sydney, Australie

Expositions solos

  • 2017
    Own gallery - Art Club Diplomat / Art Gallery Diplomat – Sofia, Bulgarie
  • 2016
    Sculptures and paintings / - – -, Afrique du Sud
  • 2006
    Small sculptures / Gallery "Minerva", Grand Hotel Sofia – Sofia, Bulgarie
  • 2006
    Show in honour of Bulgaria joining the EU / Bulgarian Embassy in Brussels – Brussels, Belgique
  • 2005
    Paintings, Works on Paper / Gallery "Nike" – Sofia, Bulgarie
  • 2005
    Cold ceramics, glass, paintings / - – Cyprus, Chypre
  • 2005
    Iconography / Messembria Festival – Nessebar, Bulgarie
  • 1996
    Sculptures and paintings / - – Paris, France
  • 1995
    Sculptures and paintings / La galerie D ' Etraz – Lausanne, Suisse
  • 1988
    Sculptures / Galerie Picpus – Montreux, France
  • 1986
    Sculptures et gravures / Various Galleries – Frankfurt am Main and Duesseldorf, Allemagne
  • 1984
    Bronze sculptures / Vienna – Vienna, Autriche
  • 1981
    The Silver Exhibition / Torino – Torino, Italie
  • 1980
    First own exhibition - The Silver Exhibition / Rakovski 133 – Sofia, Bulgarie

Collections permanentes

  • 2017
    Art Club Diplomat, Bulgarie
  • 1996
    Hrankov Castle, Bulgarie
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