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Victoria Orr Ewing

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Victoria Orr Ewing - peintre
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« I would like my paintings to be about both melancholy of place and hope in the future. I invite the viewer to look towards the sunlight in the distance. »

Victoria Orr Ewing, born in 1962, is a British artist. She has a deep and lifelong connection to the wild natural world which is reflected in her dynamic landscape paintings.

Inspiring Landscapes

Orr Ewing spent her childhood in Galloway, a remote coastal area of Scotland and over the years has lived in and travelled to many wild and inspirational landscapes, most notably the mountains of Southern Spain, where she lived for sixteen years. While the specific places do inspire her, the main subjects of her work are the elements, the shifting light and the constant changes in atmosphere and colour that these bring.

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Capturing the Energy of the Environment

In order to faithfully capture a landscape, Orr Ewing must spend time within it, appreciating the subtleties of light and form. She makes a number of preparatory oil and watercolour sketches and takes photos of particularly interesting moments of light. Back in the studio, she uses these sketches and her memory to recreate the atmosphere of the environment and, most importantly, her feelings towards it.

Exhibitions and Collections

Orr Ewing has presented her work in numerous exhibitions and art fairs across the UK in London, Edinburgh and Cambridge and further afield in several solo shows in Malaga, Spain. Her work is held in a number of private and public collections such as The City and Guilds Institute in London and Cawdor Castle in Scotland.



  • 2006
    Gibraltar International Art Competition- First Prize– Gibraltar, Gibraltar
  • 1995
    Bank of Scotland, Banking on Art competition - First Prize– Galloway, Royaume-Uni
  • 1986
    Thomas Girtin watercolour prize- Lauréat– London, Royaume-Uni

Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    Art Fair Preview / Carina Haslam Art – Great Missenden, Royaume-Uni
  • 2017
    Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition / Victoria Gallery – Bath, Royaume-Uni
  • 2013
    No, Lo Siguiente / Nando Arguelles Gallery – Sotogrande, Espagne
  • 2013
    The Scottish Show / Panter & Hall – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2009
    The Scottish Show / Panter & Hall – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2005
    3 Mujeres / Atelier Gallery – Gaucin, Malaga, Espagne
  • 2002
    Summer Exhibition / New Grafton Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1996
    Kitchen Art / Christopher Hull Gallery, Knightsbridge – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1996
    Jaisalmer in Jeopardy / Groucho Club – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1991
    The Discerning Eye / Mall Galleries – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1991
    Save the Rhino / Bonhams – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1988
    The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition / Mall Galleries – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1988
    Art for Youth / Mall Galleries – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 1987
    Festival Exhibiton / Byzantium Gallery – Edinburgh, Royaume-Uni
  • 1987
    Art for Youth / Mall Galleries – London, Royaume-Uni

Expositions solos

  • 2016
    RA Summer Exhibition (Selected not hung) / Royal Academy – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2014
    Sobras Naturales / El Cuartito, Gaucin – Malaga, Espagne
  • 2012
    Scottish Skies / Panter & Hall – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2009
    Light on Andalucia / Panter & Hall – London, Royaume-Uni
  • 2001
    Moroccan Paintings / La Fructuosa, Gaucin – Malaga, Espagne
  • 1998
    Organic Paintings 2 / Wilkinthroop Farm Studio – Somerset, Royaume-Uni
  • 1995
    Banking on Art / Clachen Moor gallery – Galloway, Royaume-Uni
  • 1991
    Asian Sketch Books / Black Bull Gallery – London, Royaume-Uni

Collections permanentes

  • The Turan Connell Collection, Royaume-Uni

  • Cawdor Castle, Royaume-Uni

  • The City and Guilds Insitute, Royaume-Uni
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