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peintre | Pays-Bas

Vladimir Hristov

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Vladimir Hristov - peintre
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« When I am working, I’m entering “the special place" where my physical existence cease to exist and my subconscious mind takes control. »

Vladimir Hristov, born in 1969, has been living and working in Amsterdam in the Netherlands since 1998 after completing his Fine Arts degree in his hometown of Skopje in Macedonia.

Social and Artistic Awareness

The imagery of Hristov’s paintings is abstract yet his inspiration is very much rooted in reality. Society and its flaws are impossible to ignore, especially for an artist who wants to provoke a profound emotional response from his viewer. His work explores questions of sexuality and religious conflicts, inner selves versus human society and its impact on everything we know, along with other social preoccupations.

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Open to Interpretation

Hristov intends for his paintings to be open to interpretation and to evolve and grow with time and different audiences. The works are simultaneously beautiful and chaotically ugly, and the more we probe the image, the more we can decipher the narrative within the imagery. Hristov works with acrylic, oil, charcoal, pens and pencils and his own hands, and lets the image form directly on the canvas, with no preliminary sketches. His process is intuitive and spontaneity plays a big role in his work.

National Success

Hristov has exhibited extensively in group and solo shows across the Netherlands and his work belongs to numerous private collections around the world, notably in the United States.


Tales from an unexpected journey of a lonely introvert

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Expositions collectives

  • 2017
    NDSM Open / NDSM – Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
  • 2016
    “Summer Show” / Gallery Nieuw Dakota – Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
  • 2014
    “De Roest” / De Roest – Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Expositions solos

  • 2015
    Sous Terran / Sous Terran – Aalsmeer, Pays-Bas
  • 2013
    Rudolf Gallery / Rudolf Gallery – Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Collection permanente

  • 2017
    Private collections, États-Unis
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