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In this work fragments from a variety of everyday sources were assembled together, cast into an intricate low relief surface in acrylic, and watercolour, coloured pencils and other media were then added. The fragments were cast directly from the commonplace, unspectacular fragments of everyday life, seeking to reveal the concealed mysteries and beauties of the natural and everyday man-made world. Bits of everyday stuff were transformed by the…En savoir +

Particles David Gould Peinture Acrylique, Aquarelle, Gouache, Crayon de couleur sur Papier
Particles David Gould Peinture Acrylique, Aquarelle, Gouache, Crayon de couleur sur Papier
A propos de David Gould
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David Gould, born in 1947, is a British artist who is currently living and working in Cardiff, Wales. He studied Painting at the Royal College of Art in London and then spent a year as an Abbey Major Scholar in Rome.

Diverse Explorations

From paintings of warm Mediterranean and leafy Welsh landscapes, in which the outcome depends on the play of light associated with the time of day and season, and from traditional still life studies to digitally generated compositions of swimmers and bathers, Gould is interested in a range of subjects and approaches. He often works in bas relief, exploring abstracted depictions of everyday life, where he transforms overlooked, commonplace objects into textured abstract compositions which explore notions of depth, colour and process.

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