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Kitzinger is not interested in the object itself, in photo-realistic representation or questions of perception. Kitzinger chooses an object because of its ability to be painted. Kitzinger often paints a vase, mug, plant or bottle in front of a neutral, monochrome background. The object becomes part of the whole composition; he shows it from different angles or in various lights, focusing on specific portions or details. The object becomes independent;…En savoir +

A4-13 Thomas Kitzinger Peinture Huile sur Métal
A4-13 Thomas Kitzinger Peinture Huile sur Métal
A propos de Thomas Kitzinger
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Thomas Kitzinger's work has been characterized by a continuous occupation with the autonomy of painting since the beginning of 1990. Today the German painter, born in 1955, lives and works in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

The world of objects

Thomas Kitzinger's motifs are from everyday life - they are banal and often representational. In his paintings he analyzes their surface, materiality and relationship with each other. The environment of the motifs is hidden and fragmented. The image content appears to be frozen. He reveals nothing about the use of objects, they contain nothing narrative and no symbolic reading. Kitzinger emphasizes the pure presence of the objects. And her forced presence does not increase her being, but her artificiality. Everything that is real, everything that exists is denied, because Kitzinger paints, i.e. depicts, and does therefor does not reproduce.

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