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Basto - maler
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Basto is a French artist with a background in graffiti. He is a member of the Oldschool Marseillaise and the RTM Crew. His work has been greatly influenced by artists like Andy Warhol and, more generally, by the Pop Art movement as well as fantasy worlds.

Between figuration and abstraction

Basto began producing graffiti in 1989 with the crews Oldschool Marseillaise and RTM. From the beginning, his artistic work steered towards abstraction as well as figuration; two fields that his movement found quite complicated. At that time, artists focussed only on lettering, and abstraction was only explored by the most skilled. However, this did not stop the young tagger, who simply got on with his creations.


From wall to canvas

In 1991, Basto began producing his artistic work on canvas whilst continuing with his graffiti work. This new medium allowed him to consider new techniques and new gestures that he could use to express himself. He has always been influenced by the most skilled artists in his movement as well as by the masters of classical painting. Basto creates depth in his work, which has become gentler and, yet, more bold. His canvases are more accessible whilst the main message remains the same; this new channel of communication is just another way of reaching a larger audience and taking it back to his world of graffiti.

An artist on an international scale

As well as his presence on the walls of France, Basto has participated in several exhibitions in France and in Switzerland. His work has been a part of different private and public collections in Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Switzerland.



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  • 2018
    Graff en Méditerranée / MUCEM (Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée) – Marseille, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Léman 2.0 / Fondation Swatch – Genève, Schweiz
  • 2017
    MAG / Montreux Art Gallery – Montreux, Schweiz
  • 2017
    Stencil Generation / Galerie SBK – Lyon, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Lego Contre Attaque / Galerie Chromia – Ferney-Voltaire, Frankreich
  • 2017
    BASTO 2 Y?NOT / M2L Galerie – Evian, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Dans un souffle de couleur / Galerie l'Appartement – Marseille, Frankreich
  • 2017
    L'exposition de Noël / Galerie l'Appartement – Marseille, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Série 1 / The Wall Galerie – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Festival AVC / Chateau de brou sur Chantereine – Chateau de brou sur Chantereine, Frankreich
  • 2017
    Street Art Bike / La Collegiale – Riberac, Frankreich
  • 2017
    L'Homme et la Machine / Galerie JPHT – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2016
    PRIME TIME / Fondation Pro Juventute – Genève, Schweiz
  • 2016
    Geneva Propaganda / ID'Room Gallery – Carouge, Schweiz
  • 2016
    Street in Da Castle / Fenelon – Chateau de Vaujours, Frankreich
  • 2016
    I Want Your Skull / Next door gallery – Genève, Schweiz
  • 2016
    La Fabrique des images #3 / Galerie Philippe Gelot – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2015
    Le prix du graffiti / Fondation EDF – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2015
    One Shoot / The Wall Galerie – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2015
    Play Ground / Galerie Next – Toulouse, Frankreich
  • 2015
    Dirty Harry Voly 2 / Galerie 59 Rivoli – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2015
    La boite à films / Galerie Joel Knafo – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2015
    Batman sous le Masque et la Cape x Warner Bross Gaming / Maison Muller – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2014
    Famille Business / Palais de Tokyo – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2014
    Fotofever / Starter Gallery – Paris, Frankreich
  • 2013
    Les Hivernales / Palais des Congrès de Montreuil – Montreuil, Frankreich
  • 1991
    Tags & Graffiti / Galerie les Escourtines – Marseille, Frankreich


  • 2017
    Very Bastrip / Galerie Pixcel – Genève, Schweiz
  • 2017
    Bastard Wars / Galerie Amarrage – Saint-Ouen, Frankreich
  • 2016
    Border Line / Next door gallery – Genève, Schweiz
  • 2015
    Basto X EPSON / Les Arts – Rueil-Malmaison, Frankreich
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