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Marion Wood

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Marion Wood - peintre
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Marion Wood is an abstract artist born in England, now working in the Camarillo area of Southern California. Interested in art from an early age, she attended the California Art Institute to delve deeper into her passion, which she now pursues on a full time basis.

Expressing her Internal Dialogue

Much of Wood’s themes are a result of an inner discussion of solitude, self-reflection and silence. Architectural forms and the harmony of organization and chaos are used to develop her compositions. The duality in the joy and pain of creation is another recurring subject within Wood’s art, where the physical act of painting stimulates this thought process.

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A Common Ground between Fate and Intention

Wood inhibits the entirety of the canvas, where she wanders and searches to explore the natural flow of its progression. She enjoys experimenting by painting without brushes, spreading, layering or even dripping the paint, allowing gravity to determine the direction and position of the paint.

Established British Artist

Marion Wood has displayed her work widely across America, including TAG Gallery, the Los Angeles Art Show, and Sergot Contemporary Gallery, as well as featuring in collections at Stanford University and Bergamot Station. The foundation has been set for her to expand internationally in the near future.


Location, location!

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  • 2016
    Sun And Shadow- First Prize– Ojai, California, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Big- Second Place– Ventura, California, États-Unis
  • 2015
    Daily Affairs- First Place– Ventura, California, États-Unis
  • 2015
    Meadowlarks Service League- First Place– Camarillo, California, États-Unis
  • 2014
    Trends- 1st Place Award– Ventura, États-Unis
  • 2014
    Essence- First Place– Camarillo, California, États-Unis
  • 2013
    Horizontal Shift- First place award– Ventura, États-Unis

Expositions collectives

  • 2018
    los Angles Art Show / Los Angeles Convention Center – Los Angeles, États-Unis
  • 2017
    Art Comes Alive / ADC Gallery – Cincinnatti, Ohio, États-Unis

Expositions solos

  • 2017
    Abstract Expresions / Relm – Camarillo, États-Unis
  • 2017
    Gravity / TAG Gallery – Los Amgeles, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Canvas and Clay / The Loft Gallery – Ventura County, États-Unis
  • 2016
    Location, Location! / TAG Gallery – Los Angeles, California, États-Unis
  • 2015
    Mind the gap / Blackboard Gallery – Ventura, California, États-Unis

Collection permanente

  • 2017
    Stanford University Hospital (Lucille Packard), États-Unis
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