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pittore | Belgio

Mathieu Weemaels

Mathieu Weemaels - pittore
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"The real subject of my paintings is the contemplation of simple things to which the light of northern Belgium brings a wisp of nostalgia."

Born on the 14th June, 1967 in Brussels, Mathieu Weemaels is a contemporary artist and painter who draws his inspiration from the famous abstract painters such as the American artist, Mark Rothko.

A family of artists

With a father who was a painter, (Jacques Weemaels) and a mother who was a violinist, (Jacqueline Rosenfeld), Mathieu Weemaels was immersed in an artistic world from a very young age.  As a child, he already drew a lot and it was natural, therefore, that he would be drawn to studying art in a drawing studio of one of the best art schools in Brussels, La Cambre.  When his studies ended, he started labouring furiously on developing his work “Corners of the Workshop,” where solitude, calm and silence reign.

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Figurative work

The starting point for his paintings is often found in the small closed world of his studio where there are simple objects in daily use.  Some arrive there accidentally, some have been specifically brought there, depending on what he is looking for or what he has found.  His principal objective is to create a work that speaks for itself and is self-sufficient.  He says himself that he paints abstract canvases in which he represents elements of the real world.  His work is also distinguished by a strong relationship with the materials he uses.  He starts by using dry pastels that he makes himself and which he loves for their softness and their lightness, then he turns to painting in oils which enables him to rework his paintings again and again.

From Brussels to the international scene

The singularity of his work has earned him numerous exhibitions in Brussels and across Belgium but also in France, Italy, Spain and Denmark.  In addition to this, he has been the recipient of numerous awards such as the prestigious prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium


Compositions imaginaires

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Vues dehors, jardins, toits etc

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Curriculum Vitae


  • 2001
    Prix de l'Académie Royale de Belgique- Vincitore– Bruxelles, Belgio
  • 1998
    Concours Pierre-Paul Hamesse- 1er prix– Saint-Gilles, Belgio

Mostra collettiva

  • 2016
    Galerie Olivia Ganancia / Galerie Olivia Ganancia – Paris, Francia

Mostra personale

  • 2012
    Galerie Image 2 / Galerie Image 2 – Bruxelles, Belgio
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