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Sara Willett

Sara Willett - pittrice
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"My process aims to create an enticing, surface of repetitive, complex marks, that confuse the eye and trick the brain"

Working for ten years in theatre production and as an artist’s manager, in 2000 Sara Willett decided to pursue her passion for Fine Art. Graduating from Camberwell College of Art in 2002 and again for her MA in 2011, Willett has been working as a professional artist ever since.

Elevating the everyday

Willett is fascinated by the potential of art to raise the status of the humble and everyday object. She finds inspiration in a myriad of different sources; from Chinese landscape painting to Flemish Primitivism and from macro/micro biology to domestic craftwork. While her primary medium is painting, Willett seeks to engage the viewer in an immersive and sensory environment through large scale installations that enhance and play off her paintings.

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An exploration of surface

Willett’s artistic process is constantly evolving, she tests and pushes the limits of the medium, the result is often unpredictable. The multi-layered, fractured surfaces of her paintings explore notions of weight, space, temporality, rhythm, metamorphosis and illusion.

Residencies and Collections

Willett’s work belongs to collections worldwide, the CEO of Nike USA purchased 30 of her works for his prestigious collection. In 2016, Being3 Gallery invited Willett to take part in a residency in Beijing, culminating in a solo exhibition.


Everyday Sublime

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China Inspired

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Curriculum Vitae

Mostre personali

  • 2016
    City Kaleidoscope / Being3 Gallery – Beijing, Cina
  • 2015
    Spectre / Curious Projects Space – Eastbourne, Regno Unito
  • 2013
    China Web / Da Wang Culture Highland – Shenshen, Cina
  • 2013
    Shape Shift / Cinnamon Kitchen – London, Regno Unito
  • 2012
    Kunstforment der Poundland / Deptford X – London, Regno Unito
  • 2010
    Psychidea / Tinpitch Art at Ganapati – London, Regno Unito
  • 2010
    Arabesque / Arthouse Gallery – London, Regno Unito
  • 2008
    One Fine Day / Beverley Knowles Fine Art – London, Regno Unito
  • 2007
    Excavaton / The Flea Pit Gallery – London, Regno Unito
  • 2004
    Circle’s Edge / The Greenspace Gallery – London, Regno Unito


  • 2016
    Being3 Gallery 798 Beijing - Beijing, Cina
  • 2015
    Da Wang Culture Highland - Shenzhen, Cina
  • 2013
    Da Wang Culture Highland - Shenzhen, Cina
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