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francesco d'adamo

Francesco D'Adamo - Painter
"A revelation, or at least its premonition, is what should manifest in every painting"

Francesco D’Adamo is an Italian painter, born in 1979, in Siena and currently living and working in Bologna, Italy. He contemplates the synthesis of music and art and in doing so, creates expressive canvases that are bold and often very tactile in their painterly approach.

Art History Inspiration

As a child, D’Adamo showed a keen interest for painting and drawing and so took private lessons for a number of years. It was only in 2010 that he returned to art, making it his all-consuming focus. D’Adamo’s work draws on the 20th Century French and Italian ‘Informale’ movements. At times he takes inspiration from Lyrical Abstraction and Tachisme and the works of Alberto Burri and the American Expressionist painter Willem de Kooning.

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Musicality Meets Painting

Though his paintings, D’Adamo is seeking a wordless language by which to express what would otherwise be impossible. Being a musician himself, D’Adamo is deeply fascinated by the relationship between music and art and attempts to transpose the formal elements of one onto the other. The compositions of his paintings mimic the rhythms of musical language, with decisive staccato marks, broad sweeping brushstrokes a vibrant, highly pigmented colour palette that enlivens the canvas.

National Recognition

D’Adamo has exhibited extensively in Italy and in group shows worldwide in places such as Hong Kong, Stockholm and Luxembourg. He is a regular exhibitor at The Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong, Milan, Bruxelles) and recently presented a collection of his latest work ‘Chimere’ in a large solo exhibition in Bologna.


Canvas Paintings

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Paper works

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