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painter, photographer | China

Jia Yuan Hua

Jia Yuan Hua - painter, photographer
"I love Chinese traditional culture, especially historical sites, they are so beautiful, not only because they are old, have thousands years of history, but they are the carrier of traditional culture."

The Chinese artist Jia Yuan Hua works mainly in oil and acrylic paintings, and focuses on traditional Chinese cultural motifs suchs as architecture or decorative elements. Born in 1980, he graduated from Beijing Union University in 2003.

Inspired by Tradition

Jia Yuan Hua started a career as a computer specialist, and he discovered art by helping his friend in his wife’s gallery. Surrounded by art, he started to paint and discovered his need to be a professional artist. Historical sites in China and traditional architecture inspire him not because of their monumental character but because they visualize the history and passing of traditions in Chinese culture.

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Special Line Style

Jia Yuan Hua is one of the rare artists using a special technique, where he uses a knife for carving thin lines on the surface of the painting. Without using any tools such as projector or a ruler, Jia Yuan Hua demonstrates his talent to draw fine and straight lines on a wet and slippery surface. Furthermore, as he works under time pressure in order to carve before the surface dries out, his artworks are created under 78 hours and cannot exceed a surface of one square meter.


Jia Yuan Hua’s works were on view on several exhibitions and art fairs in Asia and overseas, such as the Art Zone Exhibition Space 798 in Beijing, the Today Art Museum in Beijing, the Bangkok Chinese Culture Center in Thailand and the Contemporary Art Fair in Luxembourg.  



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Group exhibitions

  • 2018
    The Storytellers / EU embassy – Beijing, China
  • 2018
    Spring Collection / L.A Studio – Beijing, China
  • 2017
    Sanya Contemporary Art Fair / The Beautiful Seven Star Hotel – Hainan, China
  • 2017
    Youth Arts Invitation / 798 Art Zone, First Sound Gallery – Beijing, China
  • 2017
    Song of Summer / 798 Art Zone, First Sound Gallery – Beijing, China
  • 2017
    Artnova 100 / Guanshe – Beijing, China
  • 2017
    Time Travel / Bangkok Chinese Culture Center – Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2017
    Flower in Winter / Guanshe – Beijing, China
  • 2017
    Youth Art + / Himalayan art gallery – Shanghai, China
  • 2016
    Asian Youth Arts Nomination / Today Art Museum – Beijing, China
  • 2016
    Luxembourg Contemporary Art Fair / Luxembourg – Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • 2015
    Art Up / China Agricultural Museum – Beijing, China
  • 2015
    International Youth Art Biennial / Jinling Art Museum – Nanjing, China
  • 2014
    Artnova 100 / China Agricultural Museum – Beijing, China
  • 2014
    Hi, Winter / TATA Coffee – Shanghai, China
  • 2014
    Linyi Art Exhibition / Linyi International Exhibition Center – Shandong, China

Solo exhibitions

  • 2017
    Chinese Heritage & Economic Rise / Quanfa Garden – Beijing, China
  • 2016
    China Art / Varaire, Blois – Paris, France
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