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Super Pop Boy

Super Pop Boy - painter
"True luxury is the ability to remain a child for as long as possible! Childhood knows no problems - Anything is possible!"

The German painter Super Pop Boy, who according to his information was born on Mars, at an undefined time, studied painting and design at the academy JAK in Hamburg. After graduation, he moved to Berlin, where he now lives and works.

The picture series "Andy" emerges via a hole into another world

Super Pop Boy started painting on large canvas, but could not fill them in a manner he found acceptable. Thus, he painted over anything he wasn't satisfied with, until just the important parts remained visible in circular bubbles: the beginning of his Andy series. The viewer gazes into other worlds through artificially created holes on the paintings, which are always concerned with Andy, although ironically, he is never to be seen.

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An artist with Peter Pan Syndrome

Using acrylic and neon colors, Super Pop Boy creates optimistic, energetic, humorous Pop Art paintings depicting everyday situations. It is all about the desire to never grow up, about dreams and traveling to Mars. The artist invites the viewer of his works to journey through childhood. He does this by taking symbols from the 80s and 90s like Cartman, Super Mario or rockets and compiles them in ways that allow new worlds to arise.

A talented newcomer with a worldwide reputation

The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in Berlin and abroad. Even the near east has succumbed to the childish charm of his works: very recently, his pictures were on display at the international luxury trade fair ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi. Super Pop Boy's works can be found in private collections across the globe, including in New York, Berlin, Oslo, Hamburg and Nuremberg.


Pop Art by Super Pop Boy

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  • 2013
    Exclusive-Edition for Kunsthaus ARTES - The paintings "THE YELLOW ONE" and "THE RED ONE" are part of the first limited edition (prints) for the Kunsthaus ARTES (German Internet platform). – Hannover, Germany
  • 2008
    Celeste Art Prize - Nominated – Berlin, Germany

Group exhibitions

  • 2017
    ABU DHABI "ADIHEX 2017" (luxury fair) / Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • 2017
    Pop-Up Art Exhibition 1 / Berlin – Berlin, Germany
  • 2015
    RUNDGANG 2015/open studios / Berlin – Berln, Germany
  • 2014
    TOA (Tech open air) / Alte Teppichfabrik – Berlin, Germany
  • 2014
    #CROSSWORDS 2 kuratiert von Pierre Granoux / LAGEEGAL – Berlin, Germany
  • 2013
    Tag und Nacht / Kunstfabrik HB55 – Berlin, Germany
  • 2013
    glasklar milchig / Forum Factory Berlin – Berlin, Germany
  • 2012
    RUNDGANG 2012 / Kunstfabrik HB55 – Berlin, Germany
  • 2012
    ARTBATTLE / Kunstfabrik HB55 – Berlin, Germany
  • 2011
    One week - different styles / Kunstfabrik HB55 – Berlin, Germany
  • 2008
    Celeste Art Prize / Patzenhofer Brauerei – Berlin, Germany

Solo exhibition

  • 2011
    Jungen weinen nicht! / Kunstfabrik HB55 – Berlin, Germany