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Cette série d'œuvres correspond à une recherche sur l'accumulation de personnages. Le trait est directement posé sur la toile, pas de brouillon préalable.

Sans titre Camille Adra Drawing
Sans titre Camille Adra Drawing
About Camille Adra

The self-taught French artist Camille Adra works on canvas and paper, and also produces street art. He is clearly influenced by artists such as Keith Haring, Albert Dubout and Robert Combas. His artistic work is somewhere between abstraction and figuration.  

Drawing and architecture

Adra has been drawing for as long as he can remember. As a child, he would imagine characters inspired by cartoons, posters and comics. His mother, a painter, encouraged his creativity and, at the age of 19, he bought his first canvas, on which he drew some 100 characters. At the same time, he was studying architecture. He created an environment for these characters, playing with the boundaries between the characters and their situation in the space. In this way, Adra created “living” architecture.

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