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Abstraction, liberté d’expression et ouverture d'esprit. Dans chaque toile, l’énergie et le mouvement sont magnifiés. Des énergies et des mouvements spontanés et librement exprimés. Car la Liberté est le cœur de cette série où Olivier soutient et célèbre les droits de l'homme : il revendique l’idée de la nécessité que chaque individu, soit libre de s'exprimer, et ce, sous toutes les formes artistiques possibles et quelles que soient ses différences. Cette…Learn more +

Souvenirs du Sud... Olivier Messas Painting Acrylic on Canvas
Souvenirs du Sud... Olivier Messas Painting Acrylic on Canvas
About Olivier Messas

Born in 1977 in Ho-Chi-Minh-City in Vietnam, Olivier Messas is a painter currently living between France and Germany.

Familial and cultural baggage

Having left Vietnam for France when he was just two years old, Olivier Messas quickly developed a very independent nature despite a strong attachment to his family and his cultural values. After studying as an accountant, which really didn’t satisfy his aspirations for the future, he left the family cocoon and focused his attention on fashion and styling, before finally learning to express his creativity and his artistic universe through painting.

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