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alain pontecorvo

Alain Pontecorvo - Painter, Draftsman

Born in 1936, Alain Pontecorvo is a Parisian artist whose works are resolutely realistic

A publicist, an illustrator but, most of all, a painter

After studying at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, as well as the Ecole Estienne, Alain Pontecorvo embarked on a career in advertising.  In the middle of his career, he decided to pick up his brushes again.  He remained in advertising for another twenty years which means that he has been painting every day for 41 years.

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Romantic realism, tradition and modern realism

The work of Alain Pontecorvo is along traditional lines: influenced by the Dutch painters’ tradition with regard to light and the Italian artists for the arrangement of their compositions and use of pigments.  At the same time, his painting is resolutely contemporary, fluctuating between romantic realism and modern realism.  A preciseness which appears almost photographic is tied in with an eclectic expressionism and a play of light that is close to the genre of American painting.

A well-known artist who is greatly in demand

In addition to his hundreds of private commissions which are portraits, in the main, Alain Pontecorvo exhibits in France, in Europe and on the other side of the Atlantic.  His works are represented in both private and public collections of note such as the prestigious Museum of Modern Art in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMa).  He has also invented a typographical character that is exhibited in several national museums



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Nature morte

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