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alexandra müller

Alexandra Müller - Painter, Draftsman
"My works are an approximation of man and his special character. They convey an impression of human existence, which is characterized by a cheery melancholy."

German artist Alexandra Müller, born in 1988 in Rostock, mainly works with the media of drawing and painting and has been focusing on pencil drawings since 2017. She studied at the HfBK Dresden under Prof. Elke Hopfe and Prof. Peter Bömmels (2007-2013), completed a stay abroad at the AVU Prague under Prof. Michael Rittstein in 2012 and was a master student of Prof. Peter Bömmels between 2013 and 2015.

Melancholy and humor

Alexandra Müller discovers her motives by observing everyday life situations and people. She also includes her own emotions and memories. In her pictures, the artist focuses on the idiosyncrasies and habits of her pictorial subjects. She reveals their strengths and weaknesses and transforms inner states of mind into the outer features of her figures. Thus the mood of her pictures varies between humor and melancholy.

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Free space for the viewer

The extent to which Alexandra Müller's works appear figurative and narrative requires her to reserve an equal extent of free space for her abstracted picture surfaces. These spaces leave room for the unspoken and inexplicable. The pictures break with the distanced gap to the pictorial figure and allow the viewer to find his own access to the situation. They allow him to develop understanding and compassion.

Aspiring artist

Alexandra Müller has been exhibiting in Germany since beginning her studies, especially in Dresden, Cologne and Dortmund. In 2017, she was able to exhibit her artwork in the UK, in the City Arcadia Gallery, as well as internationally, where she took the time to immerse herself in the medium of drawing.



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