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alfonso auriemma

Alfonso Auriemma - Painter
"Inside the iconography evoked throughout the Holy Bible, we can find elements that cross all the history of art: informal, surreal, realistic, transfigurative"

Alfonso Auriemma, born in 1984, is an Italian, self-taught visual artist. His earthy-toned paintings and drawings engage with questions of religion and spirituality.

Early Artistic Engagement

Auriemma had a passion for drawing and creating from a very early age, a talent that was encouraged by his grandmother. He purchased a small canvas and a set of oil paints so that he could continue painting; however, dissatisfied with his creations, he destroyed them all. Years later Auriemma discovered the paints and in turn, his gift and passion for painting, and so decided to pursue it professionally.

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Spirituality and Science

Recent works have broached new themes and ideas, with the intention of broadening the horizons of his viewer. Auriemma’s latest work have distinct theological characteristics and explore notions of Christian spirituality.  His studies of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Science also seem to have a profound visual effect on his work and process.

Emerging Talent

Auriemma has been increasingly successful in his artistic career. He has exhibited extensively in group and solo shows across Italy, from Rome to Naples. In 2013, he received a special mention for his work at the Visionarie VII Prize in Rome.


Fats of light

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