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Daniela Schweinsberg - Painter
"Abstract work is particularly demanding of the artist, for it requires a creative act of conception in and of itself."

German painter Daniela Schweinsberg, born in 1973, lives and works in Frankfurt. Her art, which initially emerged as a form of compensation for her work as a businesswoman, is now her second career. After various seminars and courses, Daniela Schweinsberg discovered her own artistic path, which was crowned by completing a master class with Prof. Adam Jankowski in 2016.

Painting as a form of taking rest

Daniela Schweinsberg considers nature to be a form of rest that offers balance in today's fast-paced everyday life and that runs through her works like a red thread. The artist questions people's approach to nature and captures snapshots of their surroundings, which she transfers to canvas in abstract, dynamic, colorful lines and shapes.

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Energetic overall compositions

On her hand-crafted and self-taut, typically large-format canvases, Daniela Schweinsberg uses her entire physical strength and powerful brush strokes to create shapes, lines and surfaces that relate to each other. Her pictures are energetic overall compositions that reflect the artist's character and passion.

A passionate artist on the road to success

Daniela Schweinsberg has been working in her own studio since 2008 and has since exhibited her works in numerous exhibitions and at fairs, including in Cologne, Stuttgart, Bonn and Frankfurt.


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