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diego brambilla

Diego Brambilla - Photographer
"I am exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Our relationship with nature has completely changed. People have a romantic idea of nature. My idea is to create fake nature, or shoot something that looks fake but is real."

Diego Brambilla is an Italian artist based between London and Zurich. He works principally with photography and sculpture. Brambilla’s work explores contemporary culture’s tendency to fabricate experiences to the point where we can no longer differentiate between the distortion and the reality.

Filtered Reality

Brambilla’s photographs provide staged and sometimes romanticized scenarios from contemporary life. In a world obsessed with self-image, perfection, sharing images through social media of their ideal lives, our visions of reality have become skewed by the mass of visual archives being shared and stored every day. How we understand the outside world, nature, science, is increasingly disassociated from the real experience. Brambilla’s work challenges this blurry line between the real and unreal.

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Turning the Desert into an Alien Terrain

“My First Dream” is a photo project and limited edition book on staged space explorations and imaginary planets. Captured using real landscapes - frozen lakes in Switzerland, or sand dunes in Oman - Brambilla stages scenes with astronauts to create scenarios that make you feel like you are looking at a man on Mars, or the Moon. Brambilla’s photographs engage the imagination, and force us to question our preconceived, culturally-created idea of what these planets looks like.

National Accolades

Diego Brambilla has gained increasing national recognition since completing his MA in photography at the London College of Communications in 2015. His accolades include the Public Choice Prize at PhotoX (Art Gemini Prize) in 2017 and a residency at The Muse Gallery, London.


My First Dream

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Unfinished me

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