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Dominique Hoffer

Dominique Hoffer - painter
"I invite the viewer into my imagination, I suggest extravagant ideas to him or her."

A former aviatrix, Dominique Hoffer is a self-taught painter who was born in Geneva in 1951.

Aviation and painting

Dominique Hoffer’s principal driving force is freedom.  This freedom is something that she has found in both aviation and art.  She was unruly child with a head full of ideas of escape which led to her frequently being in trouble at school.  In her notebooks she draws copies of illustrations from story books and copies of the great masters of classical art such as Jean-Baptiste Chardin to name just one. However, she chose aviation first which she practiced for 20 years before giving herself up fully to her artwork as of 1988.  Her years of flying enabled her to visit a wide variety of countries which would inspire her later on in her paintings.

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Surrealist painting

Undoubtedly inspired by the dreams of her childhood and her numerous travels, Dominique Hoffer’s paintings are surrealist, dreamlike and fantastical.  She tells stories in them and invites the viewer into her sometimes-extravagant imagination.  Her paintings abound with details where all the elements harmonize to create a wondrous world.  The artist has opted to work in oil and her palette of colours is infinite: intense black, titanium white, lemon yellow, indigo blue…Everything is conscientiously organized and the artist doesn’t stop painting until her original idea has been conveyed onto the canvas.

Rapid recognition

After having decided to dedicate herself entirely to painting, Dominique Hoffer settled in a small Swiss village at the foot of the Jura mountains.  Very quickly, one exhibition followed another and her audience became both regular and increasingly broad.  The artist has exhibited her works on numerous occasions in both private and collective exhibitions in Switzerland, France and elsewhere.  



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Sous l'Eau

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  • 2015
    Palme d'Or (Salon Art Toulouse Expo) - Prix peinture figurative – Toulouse, France
  • 2012
    Prix PLEXUS ART GALLERY - 1er prix – Montreux, Switzerland

Group exhibition

  • 2017
    Exposition d'Eté / Plexus Art Gallery – Clarens/Montreux, Switzerland

Solo exhibition

  • 2017
    Dominique Hoffer / Galerie 2016 – Hauterive, Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Permanent collection

  • 2010
    Collection Salamin, United Arab Emirates