Painter, Photographer, Draftsman | Serbia

dragan djordjevic

Dragan Djordjevic - Painter, Photographer, Draftsman

Dragan Djordjevic, born in 1974, is a Serbian visual artist, currently living and working in Serbia. His works explore the idea of empathy and the virtualisation of reality in the technological age.

Confronting the Virtual and the Real

Djordjevic’s older works were created at the time when the internet was becoming a widespread phenomenon. They explore ideas of the virtual world and how to translate it to the physical, real world. His current work expands on these notions but is more focused on overproduction and the sheer amount of content that we are bombarded with daily.

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Evidence of Process

Each work is subject to a long and at times unending process that is constantly evolving. Often, Djordjevic dismantles the entire work, starting it from scratch or adding and removing elements. Interestingly, the final product is not necessarily the physical work itself but a series of photographs of said work. The paintings, drawings and sculptures serve as a testament to the creative process and give aesthetic weight to his final piece.

Biennale Collaborations

Djordjevic has exhibited in Serbia and throughout Europe in cities such as, Venice, Vienna and Dusseldorf. In 2005 and 2007 a number of his works were acquired by the Belgrade City Museum. Djordjevic participated in a collateral event at the 51st Venice Biennale. He was one of three selected artist from a masterclass by Richard Deacon in 2006.


To be honest, crashed plane is about crashed plane

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